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State Governments: What Can We Do? Join the Conversation for Change

Many state governments across the country are recognized as model employers and leaders in effective employment strategies and outcomes resulting in the successful hiring, retention and promotion of people with disabilities. Some states recognize aspirational or directed executive orders or laws as best practices, while other prefer better education and training of hiring managers. And still others identify legal hiring preferences as the key to successful employment outcomes. We are interested in learning about these best practices being utilized by state governments in order to improve the employment of people with disabilities in every state throughout the United States.

As you contribute to this dialogue, please consider the effective practices in your state, how success is measured, including recruitment and hiring goals when answering the following questions:

  • Question 1:
    What policies, programs and practices have been enacted (or are under discussion) to support individuals with disabilities in gaining state employment? What has your state done (or what is under discussion) to encourage private employers to hire and retain individuals with disabilities?
  • Question 2:
    What state agencies, programs and organizations do you believe are most important to be involved in successful efforts to increase the employment of individuals with disabilities in state government and in the private sector?

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